A day with Philema Food Tours!

When visiting Naxos, you are going to want to visit a lot of places and in our opinion Eleni, who runs Philema Food Tours, is the right person to trust, for having wonderful and unforgettable experiences! We had Eleni plan a whole day for us, and it was the best decision you could make!


It was a special day trip for our daughter’s birthday! Eleni picked us up from Hidden Hill in a van early in the morning. The tour started so smoothly, with interesting discussions while driving to the first location and we felt pampered from the beginning!


The day was extremely exciting and eventful but at the same time very relaxing. The best part was that Eleni and her partners, kept it all a secret and when we arrived at the various locations, the feeling of astonishment was amazing.


At first we drove to a bee farm where we were warmly welcomed by the two very friendly hosts. We were offered delicious beverages and food containing their homemade honey and their company was just great. They showed us their bees which were in bee houses and it was very entertaining and we learned so much. Even if you are not interested in bees, it was very compelling to learn about them and their habits while observing them. It was an amazing experience for adults and kids too!

After that we went to the ceramic workshop near Halki. We had the best time looking at painted ceramic symbolizing the ancient traditions while their functions were being explained to us. We were able to buy beautiful ceramics and after that we had the amazing opportunity of making ceramic ourselves with the instructions of the owner of the shop. This experience, and being able to learn about ancient tools, was made truly unforgettable by the excellent atmosphere as well as the people.

Lastly we visited a great couple with a lovely goat farm. They had prepared a delicious meal for us and then for dessert they surprised us with a homemade birthday cake for our daughter! What a blast we had! 

They showed us how they make their homemade goat cheese and we were also given treats to give to the goats that they kept in their farm which was so much fun.

All in all, it as simply a very beautiful and unforgettable day for the whole family! 

Philema Food Tours and Eleni are amazing guides to local food and cultural expeditions! We would love to meet them again in another adventure on the island and share our wonderful experiences with you!

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