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How it all started….


We have been visiting Naxos island in Greece every summer for quite a long time because is the place where we always relax and tune-in our senses with nature, our friends and family, and above all with ourselves.

The Kastraki area at the south part of Naxos has a unique power, as strong as the winds that blow most of the days, to draw you in every year and still make you feel excited and overwhelmed. It might be the Cedar forest with its sun-beaten rough trees, or maybe the incredible variety of beaches, or the fact that in any given day there will always be some kites surfing at the blue sky!

Eventually, we decided to establish our roots on the island by creating two concept villas in a magnificent location up on the hill, available to any of you who would be interested in exclusive accommodation with privacy, unforgettable views and outstanding environment.

The villas are designed to offer you independence, to help you connect with nature and discover the power of your senses. We aim to provide on request services around health, well-being and gastronomy to fit your own interests and needs, for making your vacation as relaxing and comfortable as possible.


Arabella and Panagiotis

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