Art and Design

Art and Design

A very special fact that influenced us foremost to start our project at Hidden Hill, was the perception of a great and overwhelming feeling when we visited for the first time the location and set our eyes around the hills, the sea and the surrounding landscape.

We were magnetised by the earthy colors, the untouched and unspoiled environment and the sounds of nature around us. It was at that moment when the idea behind Hidden Hill was shaped. To bring people close to this great feeling of calmness and beauty and to help them awaken their senses.

Planning and setting up the architectural concept was not easy but we have never chosen the simple and easy paths in our lives. Together with an absolutely charismatic team of architects and constructors we succeeded in implementing this demanding but very promising project.

Our uncompromising aim was to provide a homely environment that connects well with the surroundings and gives out to people the opportunity for new and fulfilling experiences.

Going through the long phase of selecting all the fittings and furniture pieces for the interior and the outdoors was an exciting experience. Every little thing to be found in the premises of Hidden Hill has been very thoroughly considered and selected. We mostly focused on bringing together a tone of minimalist with the warm tone of nature.

That’s why we chose materials such as concrete, wood, steel, cotton, seagrass and natural rattan. Our selections have high design standards, come from all over the world and they are a combination of handmade art and designs from the past and the present as well.

To name but a few, you can find furniture designed back in the 50’s from a distinguished Japanese designer and manufactured on request for us, wall paintings from a German artist who was triggered by the concept of Hidden Hill, handmade jute lamp shades made in Indonesia or steel fittings designed in Denmark.

Additionally, for those considering for souvenirs or presents, we will accommodate a dedicated exhibition from a gifted artist who hand-makes excelsior silk scarves dyed and eco printed with leaves and flowers collected from the grounds of Naxos.

Not to forget, our visitors will have the chance to view and buy thematic photographs taken off the beaten track around Naxos.

We are dedicated to give our guests experiences as wholesome and unique as they can be.