Private and group workshop

July 2022 (date TBD) and on request  

BE YOURSELF is for abstract beginners looking to unleash their creativity, learn the steps and create something beautiful. Creating abstract art can be very fun and rewarding but it can also be incredibly challenging. If you have that inner desire and enthusiasm to learn how to paint and at the same time, you’re looking for play, expression and freedom, then BE YOURSELF is what you are looking for!

Every artist has a unique style for creating, with certain steps, favourite techniques and tools. Even if the result looks random, the randomness has been achieved by a process of learning. Painting can be intuitive and expressive, a translation of your inner voice, but you will be happier and more effective on the canvas once you learn the steps and form your own unique style.

Together, we will be enjoying the magnificent surroundings of Hidden Hill while working on
• Inspiration, tools and the colour palette
• Background, making marks and learning to trust your intuition
• The power of stepping back and creating the right composition
• Building contrast and developing visual interest by shaping and layering
• Editing and final touches

*All materials, colours and canvases are provided.

Prices and registration at info@hiddenhillnaxos.com


Kids Workshop (from 10yrs and older)

July 2022 (date TBD)

Abstract art is a great way to get kids involved in art without worries of the result. Since abstract art doesn’t always have to “look like” something, the stress level is less than with other art projects. There’s no right or wrong way to create abstract art, which is very freeing specially for kids who may not feel confident in their artistic skills.

Together we will be experimenting with painting tools, colours and shapes. We will try colour combinations; discover how can we create shapes on canvas and learn the steps from start to end.

*All materials, colours and canvases are provided.

Prices and registration at info@hiddenhillnaxos.com

LIVE.SHOW.FEEL by Arabella 

Abstract paintings for sale



Arabella is a Contemporary abstract painter. She began painting in search for self expression and more profound connection with both life and herself. Arabella strives to form art which provokes engagement and questioning.