Keto plus Yoga

Keto plus Yoga


… a reveal for your body and senses

What to expect in 8 days?

With Keto and Yoga you could change your lifestyle and establish good habits for a lifetime by simply combining proper nutrition and activity.
We are eager to show you how to easily start with a ketogenic diet, get all the right nutrition and help your body thrive. At the same time yoga will reveal your body’s true potential while freeing your mind from the daily stress.
After years of exprerience, we suggest a ketogenic eating lifestyle that enables the body to use it’s own fat as fuel source. That is the body’s preferred energy which allows a person to easily lose weight, reach mental clarity, minimize cravings and improve overall health.
The workshop is setup in a way to allow you to ease into the foundational principles of nutrition, body metabolism, digestion and other key areas of health such as sleep, while practising yoga on a daily basis.
The course is not only theory. We will exercise and also cook together, easy but tasty recipes with fresh local ingredients and apply the theory in a step-by-step approach to allow you to experience first hand how small changes can make such a big difference to your quality of life.
Why we propose 8 days?
Because this is the optimum time frame for you to be able to go away happy with results!

More in depth…

We will not rush the course and make you feel overwhelmed. Once the 8 days are over we want you to have all the tools and confidence to take the next steps by yourself.
We will expand all together around the following
– An introduction to keto and intermittent fasting and how can help you improve your life
– Have fun by cooking local, healthy recipes with fresh ingredients
– Learn basic and advanced yoga sequences
– Stretching, flexibility and strength flows for your level
– Healing and meditation basics

What you will learn

– Benefits of intermittent fasting
– Metobolic states of the body for longevity
– Insulin and blood sugar control
– How the digestive track works and why is it so important
– Mitochondria energy utilization
– Nutrition density and food choices
– What is the ideal healthy diet
– Longevity and the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle
– Sleep and relaxation
– Benefits of different type of exercises
– Physical benefits of yoga

Frequently asked questions


– Week 1 : 25th of April until 2nd of May (8 days)

– Week 2 : 16th of May until 23rd of May (8 days)


– Please contact us for detailed information on costs.

We recommend that you follow the suggested plan in order to get the full benefits of the program. However, we will take into account any special requirements.

Yoga mattresses, food supplies and cooking for the suggested meals.
Special dietary needs will be accommodated for.

Accommodation is included in the price.

The meal plan is based on a healthy ketogenic diet following the principles as described in All dietery needs though will be accomodated for, so it is important to let us know ahead of time.

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