Kitesurf at Glyfada!

There is something special about Naxos. If you have never been here, you will feel that amazing feeling as soon as you arrive. It is not the friendly people, or the vast sandy beaches or the wind that allows you to fly when kitesurfing. It is when all these elements come together. That is when you feel that something special and that is when feelings become unforgettable experiences.

This is how I feel when I kitesurf at Glyfada with Michalis and his team at Naxos KiteSurf Club.

I am, by no means, a kitesurfer. I am still learning and need many hours to be completely independent. But I love every second of this experience.

What is amazing with kitesurfing is the level of stability of the kite. It hangs there in the air with its glorious size waiting for your command. And once you command it to lift you of the water if the lines are properly configured it responds with unbelievable grace. A kite these days is a beautiful piece of art.

The beach at Glyfada is huge, not organised, and has very few tourists. This makes me feel like I own the place and at the same time I feel very secure for the level I am currently at. The wind there, is pretty constant for days so you just want to keep going.  Nevertheless, the people at the club usually make the difference. The team that Michalis has built, at Naxos Kitesurf, is one of a kind. Friendly, dependable, open, very experienced and very professional. However, even though kiting is something great, it is no joke. You need to follow the rules and have experience or something bad could happen very fast. The kit is also important and they maintain it very well so everyone has the best experience. Everyone in the team is kitesurfing because they love it and they really want to pass on the gene of kite to you! And they have achieved pretty well. After a couple of hours of spending your energy, it is always nice to relax and have a chat with the team and clients. Time flies and you just don’t want it to end.

In my opinion, Naxos is the perfect place for surfing but especially at Naxos Kitesurf Club, which is indescribably special.

Make sure you stop by when in Naxos! 

See you soon!

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