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16-19 September 2022



We are delighted to host an exclusive retreat hosted by Gray Caws, certified Qigong coach who uses breathwork to improve health and fitness through focusing strength and relaxation in movement and Panagiotis Kottas, nutritional coach and founder of KetOntrack.

A unique experience around breathing, fitness, cardiovascular health and an overall healthy lifestyle.

You’ll practise breathworkintermittent fasting, the keto diet, enjoy the local cuisine, day excursions, and learn techniques on how to improve mind body connection and general wellbeing.


fi Yoga Naxos

Balance, Mind & Body 

Private lessons on request


A private yoga class designed around your needs and abilities.

You can book a lesson at a time most convenient to you. Any props are provided and healthcare measures are being taken to ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe experience.
A private yoga class caters specifically to you. You set the boundaries, the challenges and the goals. Before the lesson, we will have a chat to define how your yoga class will flow.
Whether it is relaxation, stretching and mediation what you are looking for or power poses, quick shifts and breath of fire, we will form the practice to your needs.
A private class may take many forms. You might encounter a completely different experience in your yoga session during your holidays, than your regular practice back home.
Finding the right balance in your life is important. Each session is likely to be different on a physical and emotional level.