Carefully selected recommendations of the most unforgettable experiences, we personally had in Naxos...

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Naxos is the place to be, live and experience!

Naxos is the ideal island to relax but also to spend time exploring its hidden gems, enjoying stunning landscapes or learning new sports!

Take your pick and we will help you organise it!

Kite & Windsurfing

Naxos is famous and popular for its kite and wind surfing

Near Hidden Hill, at the Glyfada beach in an unspoiled location, with long sandy beach and crystal-clear turquoise water you will find one of the best Kitesurf clubs in Naxos.

Naxos is well known in Europe for water sports, consistent wind conditions and specially during summertime because of the ”Meltemi” effect.

North wind is the most common and its side shore that makes the kite spot ideal to learn kite boarding, wind surfing or SUP.

Glyfada beach is never crowded so the kitesurfing lessons for beginners are very safe and comfortable as they separate from independent kiters. That makes the spot very safe for your first steps into learning kite boarding. Another unique feature is that it’s the only beach on the Island that combines relaxation and recreation.

Because of the size and shape of the bay, families or the individual swimmers, can enjoy as much the beach as the kite surfers.

Boat trips

From leisure trips with snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing, to explore trips where you discover islands you’ve never heard of, to private charters and transfers, and to adventure trips where you dive into water sports getaways, you have the privilege to choose the trip that suits your interests best

Food & Agricultural Exploration

Naxos is trully an amazing place where every day you can discover something new

PhilemaFoodTours can help and provide you special, exclusive experiences that really capture the essence and tell the story of this island. In an effort to showcase the riches of our intangible cultural heritage and the importance of its survival, they now go completely off the beaten path, and focus on providing an in-depth understanding of exactly how and why it is that Naxos, its people and its products are the way they are today.

There is a side of Naxos that remains unsung while the real character of a place is instilled in the food, traditions, habits and every-day life of its people. They understand what makes this place so special, we know all the mouth-watering secrets of our island and we would love to have you experience Naxos the way it is meant to be experienced.

All you need to do is browse through their offered services and book a ready, signature experiences and events. In case you prefer to mix and match between different visits and create your own, individual itinerary, this is also possible, and they will be more than happy to help you create a tailor-made itinerary, customized to the last detail so that the day of your Naxian food & culture experience becomes the highlight of your vacation.

You can choose among a wide variety of exclusive destinations such as a vineyard, a cheese home, a lush organic farm, a marble quarry and workshop, a honeybee farm and much more, always knowing that you are experiencing the authentic side of Naxos.

Gourmet dining

A significant destination for food and cocktail lovers where everything is in perfect balance; the aura of the island, its excellent products, cuisine, taste, people, art, light, moments.
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