Some years ago, we decided to make a change in our lives. We wanted to create something special and extraordinary as our place of retreat.

At the beginning, we were looking for the perfect location to build our dream house which would be unique and representative of us.

After a long search, we discovered this hidden hill in Naxos, a location that helped us change our perspective in life. We stood there, surrounded by the land and the sea, watching the landscape in the golden hour and smelling the scents of the ocean.

Surrounded just by pure nature, it felt so magical that we knew it was the right place for us. The calmness, the sense of emptiness and comfort, the sense of connecting with nature, with time, with ourselves… It was like going back to childhood and experience a unique sense of freedom and happiness.

The next step was to design the two villas from scratch. With that amazing canvas to work on, we wanted the villas to blend with nature and respect the view. We wanted the villas to be a true expression of ourselves and to be organic, unique, personal and carefully crafted, while having all the commodities of modern life. The whole process was an incredible opportunity for self-expression, and the result was exactly what we had planned and wished for.

After spending some time at our new home, one thing became clear in our minds: that we would like to share Hidden Hill with you and anyone else in the world who would appreciate it!